Since 1994, we have been providing our clients with reliable solutions and services satisfaction to their most complex construction challenges. Our expertise spans the construction industry spectrum, from smaller renovations to multi-million projects. We specialize in Oil and Gas infrastructure construction, excavation and back filling, compaction with a distinctive advantage of being backed by our owned machinery and highly skilled operators delivering accurate and timely services. The services are executed with high precision by our team of qualified and skilled engineers with the vigilant supervision of our site supervisors.

  • Earth Works and Pavements
  •  Mass Excavation Cut/Fill
  • Rough Grading Works
  • Road Works
  • Pipeline/Storm Water and Sewerage
  • Soil Compaction and stabilization
  • Final Grading for Building Slabs
  • Manholes/Gullies and Concreate Works
  • Villa Constructions and Landscaping

Our team of construction professionals offers a multi-source solution for all of your construction-related needs. Whether it’s restoration, site preparation, a new facility or facility renovation, we have the experience and personnel to provide the highest quality construction on schedule and within budget. Our customers can be assured that TAJVAND Employees meet the highest industry standards and are most experienced professionals in the industry.

The Core of our company’s policies and practices is to first and foremost, always act and require that others act in a manner that puts the safety of our employees, customers and community. We have comprehensive safety programs dedicated to civil construction and handling equipment and machineries. In addition, all Tajvand employees undergo mandatory worker safety programs administered by local Health & Safety Practitioners and those who operate company vehicles complete a defensive driving program.